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  3. Grand Cross, Grand Square, What is a Grand Cross, What is a Grand Square
  4. The Lunar Eclipse (4/14) The Uranus/Pluto Square (4/21) & Cardinal Grand Cross (4/22)

Jupiter, in its home domain of Sagittarius, brings an expanded focus on growth, inspiring optimism, hope, and even athleticism. The squaring of these two planets asks for unbridled creative expression and command of one's spiritual expansion. However, it could also rear the ugly head of addiction or dependency.

New 12222 Astrology – Libra Season

For those feeling weaker during this time, it's best to contact close family or friends to let them know that you're struggling. Main image: lunaklestrup. Related: astrology.


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This month brings with it the defining astrological event of the mutual square between Neptune and Jupiter. But, what does it mean?

What do the Cards Say About Your Relationship?

View this post on Instagram. As the Sun is light and clarity, Saturn is darkness, obfuscation, and ignorance. It's interesting that one of the traditional names for Saturn was actually "light bringer. Perhaps Saturn can be thus understood within this current transit as part of a process of turning ignorance into understanding. As we all know, on the spiritual path the limitations we face are also the edges or emerging shape of something new Please renew and restore our health, our relationships, and our path in life.

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Join Our Newsletter! For Email Marketing you can trust. Uranus represents new and unconventional ways of looking at things, always challenging the status quo and always championing the truth. Uranus is the truth that at some point will find its time and operates through Eureka moments and those sudden shifts or developments that can turn a situation on its heels, sending you in a completely different direction.

Grand Cross, Grand Square, What is a Grand Cross, What is a Grand Square

Here Pluto is the old gun and Mars is the young gun, equally hot headed, rebellious and out to cause trouble for the pleasure of it, but in a way that is about seeing results. Uranus and Pluto are both outer planets and with Uranus in Aries from to in Capricorn from to , they know that change, evolution and revolution take time, until things come to a head as they do this month.

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Mars is full of testosterone and is like an impulsive youth, full of exuberance but devoid of patience. In the final corner is Jupiter, king of the planets and the planet of luck and expansion. While the other three planets break down old barriers, Jupiter is ready to create new growth on the other side. It is also part of a much bigger pattern, that has been building ever since Pluto returned to Capricorn in and even more so when Uranus returned to Aries in , was compounded when Jupiter returned to Cancer in June , with the final piece of the puzzle being Mars and his extended visit to Libra, his longest in over 30 years.

In every sense of the word the planets have aligned to make this Grand Cross possible, the most exact and powerful Grand Cross in our lifetime. What I like about Steve is that he is an honest, down to earth and practical Astrologer, giving you the facts, minus the New Age or spiritual layers. When you read your horoscopes, I will be paying particular attention to when the Moon reaches these points.

So what is actually happening?

The Lunar Eclipse (4/14) The Uranus/Pluto Square (4/21) & Cardinal Grand Cross (4/22)

Sound like a mess? The only difference this month being that it is all coming back into play, at the same time. Pluto and Uranus first moved into this square aspect in June , again in September , May , November , again this month and will move into this aspect twice more, again in December and finally in March