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Everything from how well you vibe each other to how compatible you are to what your sexual expression is like can all depend largely on your astrology chart. The Nodes of the Moon are the one and only greatest indication of a soulmate connection. I highly recommend you learn how to read a synastry chart, and use the knowledge wisely.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. The Nodes of the Moon The North Node is an ancient point in astrology used to pinpoint your destiny- one of the most important parts of your chart. Here are 6 universal astrology angles and signs that indicate you have found your soulmate: 1 South Node Connections South Node connections involve past lives and childhood tendencies, while North Node connections involve destiny in this life.

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Sometimes lovers feel connected, as if they knew each other in past incarnations. Despite this being surface level synastry, the connection is significant. Leo Woman and Leo Man Compatibility. Libra and Scorpio Compatibility. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. In love, Jay requires a total goddess that is deep, sexual, soulful.

Aquarius, you have what some call a "distant glamour. This makes a real fire sign like Jay desperate to stir you up emotionally. You are seen as one of the most independent of the signs in love: liberated, defiant, and unpredictable. With a Mars in Aquarius, Jay's chart also shows a want for independence; it's no wonder he would be attracted to the ever-elusive Aquarius. Sexually, this looks like a dynamite combination in terms of truly inventive fucking. Fire plus air! The focus here in on kink and the connection is a highly social fun-loving one.

Your sidepiece could be: Trina. With four planets in Sagittarius, Trina is astrologically projected to be totally wild in bed. And lucky Aquarius can keep up mentally, coming up with more and more inventive hook-ups. As the archer, she's always on the hunt for the next adventure, but with her Venus in Scorpio she can get crazy jealous.

What you do in the bedroom is likely to be the stuff of lore, but the removed air of Aquarius might irk Trina enough to move on. Because of his Leo Saturn, the rapper is likely a sensualist and, as a lover, he is a total hedonist.

Birth Charts and Soul Mates: The Planets, Karma, and Destiny…..

His Venus Mars conjunction points to him being the type to want to lay around in bed all day, fucking and talking, talking and fucking, and eating and drinking. With his Moon in pisces, Kanye has a romantic nature. This manifests in his want of an ideal partner—more fantasy than reality. Pisces, Kanye is likely to be completely taken in by your haunting sensuality, which is a balance of raw earthy appeal and total fantasy. Pisces have an uncanny talent for delicately handling male egos. Speaking of, Kanye's chart shows someone who is stubborn, driven, controlling, and possessive in love.

Pisces is said to be one of the more psychic signs; Kanye's chart shows an obsession with career, and your ability to see beyond social masks makes you a perfect partner to advise Kanye in his endeavors. Pisces have a real mother-healer nature in love: You sometimes can fall for partners who are somewhat emotionally stunted, and you often end up taking care of them.

Kanye's Cancer rising, however, means he also has a feminine, caring nature. This connection would likely be emotionally consuming and might feel "fated"—though there is a worry that you'd both crave more dominant partners. Your sidepiece could be: Eve. A Scorpio with her Moon in Pisces, Eve's chart shows someone who is relationship oriented. When she falls in love, it is likely deeply and soulfully.

Pisces, the connection with Eve is about emotional support and offering each other security. It's so peaceful that you might wonder if the two of you should just be friends—that might make sense but the two of you will always pine for each other! With both his Sun and Venus in the duplicitous sign of Gemini, Kendrick might tell you he can only do open relationships—but it's more likely that he's just convinced himself that he thrives on variety and gets bored easily.

Classic Gemini. However, his chart reveals someone who can commit fully once he finds the right partner. You, Aries, could be it. Falling in love with an Aries means never lacking for excitement. Kendrick would likely be enthralled by the passionate force of an Aries in love. As a Gemini, Kendrick might be into the fact that you also require a lot of freedom, and with the right Aries this could turn into a totally exclusive and committed affair.

His Pisces Moon means that he might play the martyr in the relationship, but Aries is always good at playing the boss. The focus here is on the fiery nature of the connection. You won't bore each other in bed. Your signs are both open, eager, and ready for whatever.

Astrology can help you find your true soulmate

You can challenge each other sexually and mentally. Aries can be stubbornly persuasive, but this is likely beneficial to Gemini Kendrick. You might get into a fight about feminism, and the next thing you know he's writing songs that features your viewpoints as his own. Your sidepiece could be: 50 Cent. A Cancer with his moon in Gemini, 50 Cent is fickle in love.

With a cluster of freedom-loving planets, he likely embodies the archetype of the "player," but the major issues in his chart are about tapping into his own feminine energy that Cancer brings. He wants a strong woman to worship but in the end, this connection will likely be about his life lessons With freedom-loving Sagittarius dominating her chart, Nicki doesn't need to be in a relationship. The focus of her chart is all about career, fame, and success. She is passionate, confident, and has the energy and willpower it takes to achieve wild dreams; her chart shows someone who is literally born to be a star.

And it's likely that she will have a long career and will be remembered as a true icon! Earth signs also dominate Nicki's chart, giving her a sense of grounding. It's likely that she can take or leave relationships as she has a strong sense of self. Taurus, you are seen as one of the more "traditional" signs when it comes to love. You are devoted and protective of your partners. As an "earthy" sign, Taurus is drawn to luxury, and paired with success-oriented Minaj you two will have an affair of tastes.

Together you can enjoy the pleasures of food, wine, and clothes. That said, the two of you are probably home-bodies together, which makes you both feel loved and comfortable. Taurus is known for being sensible and down to earth. With Nicki's career-oriented chart, this connection is likely to be a practical one. It could possibly end in marriage. With all that fiery energy, Nicki needs an earth sign who can ground her and help manage her career. There might be fights about her flighty flirtatious Sag nature, but a Taurus who can give her the grounding she craves will make a ride or die out of Nicki.

Your sidepiece could be: Rick Ross. While his sun in Aquarius makes him want to proudly wave the freak flag, Mr. Ross' chart reads more vanilla. His Moon and Venus are in conventional Capricorn. He's the one to hit up when you want to Netflix and chill. It's always a cozy romp and you get along as friends, but watch out because he might get attached! Andre's chart shows the classic player: With his Sun in Gemini and Mars and Jupiter in Aries, he's no one to get tied down, focused always on the next conquest.

They are sensual enough to open the heart of their partner and will pour all their love in. Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo are compatible matches, whereas Cancer is the most perfect one for Capricorn. Aquarius likes to have fun, sudden crazy adventures. They are interested people with in humor and sharp wit. They love food, so Aquarius would also choose a partner who is a good cook. They keep their partner mentally aroused both in and out of the bedroom.

Pieces make their works or desire possible by sweet words. They can easily attract their partners into bed. They are romantic, playful, and their words help their partner to dive deep into the very depths of their soul. Pisces are very friendly and very selfless people. They always try to help other persons who seem hopeless.

They are very popular among their friends and always radiate positive energy, but they can easily influenced by other people which is a bad sign for some potential partners. Pisces have a good intuitive power and achieve great emotional relationships with other people. Pieces also have a very strong artistic talent. Their ruling planet is Neptune, making them very much connected with music.

Virgo needs a soulmate who is sophisticated, committed, and complex and luxurious like red wine. They are very joyful and intelligent. Virgo people are with full of life. They love to investigate, research, and learn different things. Virgos are very emotional and they are very much influenced by others. The most important thing is Virgos have a mood swing problem.

Your Sexual Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

So, if your partner belongs to the astrological sign of Virgo you may be faced with some problems. But the good thing is Virgos are very loyal and they have a very good analytical power so there is a lesser chance of misunderstandings. They are in tune with nature and food lovers, and also they like animals and books. They also love cleanliness and are very much fond of perfection. Virgos also hates rudeness, asking for help from anyone, etc. Thus we can conclude that astrological zodiac signs make it easy to find our soulmate easily rather than getting confused.

Our astrological signs also help in bringing together the broken pieces of our soul. Soulmates meet only when they are ready to take lessons. Soulmates challenge each other to bring their passions out.

When we meet our astrological soulmates we feel extreme emotions, because gradually we feel how badly they can hurt us indicating the intense connection of relation between them. Zodiac signs make it easier to find out the truth of what keeps both you together and help you face the future with certainty that the relationship you are in is not just a give and take policy but will endure, as astrological soulmates share a very high compatibility in their natal charts.

Astrological Soul Mate Synastry | LoveToKnow

Astrology can help you find your true soulmate. Using Vedic astrology charts. Using sun signs to find your soulmate:. Rising sign:. By using an astrology love calculator. Measure Compatibility using Astrology:. Use of 7 chakras:. Using zodiac signs in astrology can help you find your true soulmate.

Aries March 21 to April Perfect soulmates for an Aries:. Taurus April 21 to May Perfect soulmates for a Taurus:.

Who Your Soulmate Will Be, According To Your Juno Sign

Gemini May June Perfect soulmates for a Gemini:. Cancer June 22 to July Perfect soulmates for a Cancer:. Leo July 23 to august Perfect soulmates for Leo:.


Libra September 23 to October Perfect soulmates for Libra:. Scorpio October 23 to November 21 :. Perfect soulmates for Scorpio:. Sagittarius November 22 to December Perfect soulmate for Sagittarius:. Capricorn December 22 to January Perfect soulmate for Capricorn:. Aquarius January 20 to February